Sunday, May 28, 2006


Oh dear poor old Newsquest

A once grand old newspaper company run by one of the most respected newspaper men in the business is now a shadow of its old self, redundancies newspaper editions cut and staff moral at the lowest it could possibly be.

Thoroughly looking forward to reading your blog - as someone who knows the way this despicable company works I'm sure you'll have plenty of interesting stuff to offer!
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Poor old Newsquest gone are the days when it was run by a newspaper man who delivered real newspapers that both the reader read and the staff were proud of. Since the demise of Jim Brown as Chairman Paul Davidson (little paul) now at the helm still has not added anything to the business. It appears to have been one disaster to the next.

Staff moral appears to be at its lowest anyone can remember and its not just the middle management and staff that are suffering little paul even sacks his own management who have done the best they can with the constraints they have been put under.

Sadly if the newspapers had kept their regional identity and used the skills and knowledge of the local staff things would have been a lot different. In the changing world of newsgathering and advertising redundancies and slimming down in the sector had to and still has to happen, there is no denying this.

Smaller compact production centres who take ownership of their paper their advertising and their web sites would I am sure see improvements in readership, give the staff the tools and support and they will deliver as they always have.

If there is much more centralisation in the areas that count as far as regional papers are concerned then they will fall like a pack of cards into the hands of the new kids on the block.

Community newspapers have a place and are very successful they usually fail becouse the bigger media groups have the power and money to make them fail. If someone like Jim Brown was to come along and form a community newspaper co-operative and funell their resources together for the good of the newspapers then things would start to improve and competition would regain.

Thats how easy it realy is, if you look at some of the new start ups, from day one they have web sites that work and inform, they have podcasts that the younger generations download and to top it all they serve the local community who if they are fed the right stuff will support the paper they read.

Newsquest was my life as far as work is concerned, I gave them my all and all they seem to do is ruin people lively hoods and make vast profits and send this to america. i hope they mend their ways or one day the shoe will be on the other foot and we the outsiders will be there to pic up the pieces.
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